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Thanks Diane for the original posting and Rich et al. for the follow-up,
I searched for the Cattle Egret from 330 to 430 in this area and looping around the road system to the east (Ingram Island area) without success on Sunday afternoon. It was drizzly and getting dark, and I only found one Great Egret, so I will keep my fingers crossed that it will reappear with better weather and more daylight.
Tom Snetsinger


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1. nanette, paula vanderhuel, and i went down to monroe at dawn this morning
and there was indeed a CATTLE EGRET right where the note below reported.
2. there is a farm right across from the alpine cutoff road and the bird was
actually in the pen area rather than out with the cows.
3. unfortunately a red-tail came down very close to the egret and it flew
off. however, the lady across reigel road (good road to park on along south
side of the farm) said the bird has been there a few days. so i think there
is a good chance it will come back. the lady says they have lots of red-tals
and bald eagles.
4. there were also great egrets and great blue herons in the area
5. the monroe sewage ponds had 20+ WOOD DUCKS, 1 hooded merganser, and quite
a few wigeon.
Rich Armstrong
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> OBOL: Jill Hubbard and I saw a Cattle Egret feeding among some cattle on
> 99w, just north of Monroe. The bird was in a field just opposite Alpine
> Cuttoff Road.  It was around noon. Diane Horgan
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