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rich armstrong richarmstrong at comcast.net
Fri Dec 5 13:17:13 PST 2008

1. we took mary gerrard to peoria this morning. we searched the entire town from boat ramp to church 3 times betweer 9 and 1 and never saw the pyrrhuloxia. guess we should have been there at dawn.
2. we did see the PALM WARBLER easily in the conifer tree just south of the greenhouse.
3. we did see the BLACK PHOEBE down near the river behindthe church.
4. saw at least 4 WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS including a couple singing behind randy's house.
5. in randy's backyard there was 1 weird junco with a number on fairly large white spots on the back
6. at the hose just before the church they have seed in backyard that had lots of quail and ACORN WOODPECKERS.
7. thanks to randy for allowing people in his backyard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rich Armstrong
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