[birding] A gathering of eagles

Steve Seibel sseibel999 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 22:52:21 PST 2008

As I was hang gliding at Peterson Butte, about 4 miles SW of Lebanon, I
found the sky to be full of eagles, at least 7 Bald Eagles of various ages
were riding the winds near me.  There were a mix of adults and immatures.
Several times I had a good view of an eagle doing a full roll to present
talons to a diving attacker.  Several took a close look at me including an
adult who stayed just off my wingtip for several circles as we climbed in a
thermal.  A Peregine was also present.  Afterwards, with my feet on the
ground, I saw two Rough-legged hawks fly past.

It's a bit unusual to see this many eagles at this site so early in the
winter, a report like this would be more typical for February or March...

Steve Seibel
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