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Hi Gail & All,

Yes, that definitely sounds like Wrentits. The sound they make could well
be described as a "soft raspy buzz."

That's the first time I've heard of Wrentits in the Adair Wildlife Area,
but I haven't birded the area much in recent years, and Wrentits seem to
be filling everywhere in the neighborhood.

The wildlife area has some little nice pockets of habitat and has hosted
some interesting birds in past years, including a Swamp Sparrow that Matt
Hunter found one year.

Happy birding,

P.S. Greetings everyone, from Sigtuna, Sweden, where on Monday I went for
a 10 km walk around a forest preserve, and only saw a few species of
parids, corvids and kinglets (Regulus regulus). It's the cold, wet, dark
and dreary part of early winter. Most local nesting species are long gone,
and northern species haven't yet come down from Lappland.

> I think I observed a pair of WRENTITS in the brush between the parking
> area
> and the pond at the area Rich mentions below.  I am basing my ID on
> studying
> several field guides.  Everything seems to fit but I know how easy it is
> to
> make a bird fit once you think you have made an ID, especially when one of
> the identifying characteristics is "hides in brush and is difficult to
> observe."  So since they are supposed to be sedentary year-round, I
> wondering if anyone else has watch this pair recently.  Also I know that
> describing sounds is difficult but they seemed to make a soft raspy
> buzz--sound familiar?  (and is that the same as a "hard dry scolding
> rattle"?
> Thanks for any help you can offer--- Gail Adnrews
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> 1. i did a little jaunt around north of corvallis today.
> 2. 1st did a walk around adair wildlife area. this is south of adair
> village
> on east side of 99. there is a pond there (today had 6 hooded mergansers,
> 4
> of which were males) and trails around the pond and back further. lots of
> the usual juncos, sparrows, robins, yellow-rumps, chickadees, kinglets,
> etc.
> a nice place to walk.
> 3. did a walk on a trail in the arboretum and saw very little except an
> area
> where fox sparrows outnumbered song sparrows.
> 4. elliot sewage ponds had a nice variety of ducks
>     a. 3 CANVASBACK - i don't see them there often
>     b. 3 PINTAIL - i don't see them there often
>     c. 10+ HOODED MERGANSERS including a few males
>     d. 15+ BUFFLEHEAD
>     e. 2 GREATER SCAUP in with 10+ lerssers
>     f. 10+ RING-NECKED DUCKS
>     h. 3 SNIPE
>     i. 1 KINGFISHER
>     j. 2 breat blue herons and 2 great egrets
>     k. lots of green-winged teal and mallards
>     l. seemed like very few sparrows
> 5. beautiful day for a walk!
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