[birding] random recent raptor sightings

Steve Seibel steves at aeroexperiments.org
Sun Nov 25 10:24:31 PST 2007

Some random recent raptor sightings:

Rough-legged hawks:
11-25-07 near sunrise: one flying over McFadden Marsh, Finley NWR,  
then perching.
11-24-07 one perched on pole on 99W near Llewellyn Rd, one perched on  
Greenberry Rd W of 99W
11-19-07 one seen from highway 34 just east of I-5
White-tailed kites:
11-24-07 one at the Prairie Overlook at Finley NWR
11-23-07 two at the Prairie Overlook at Finley NWR, quite active for a  
while in the late afternoon.
Bald Eagles:
11-24-07 3 (2 juv 1 unknown) near McFadden Marsh, Finley NWR
11-20-07 one at Cape Kiwanda
Peregrine Falcons:
11-20-07 one perched at the "usual spot" at Cape Kiwanda (visible from  
the beach on the north side of the dune, looking south toward the  
rocks near the tip of the Cape.)

Steve Seibel, Corvallis

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