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Re: [birding] clay-colored sparrow, 16 Nov1. doug's CLAY-COLORED SPARROW was still there at 130.
2. the way i went was 99 to not very far past bruce road, make a left on old river road. then 4.3 miles to where it hits stow pit, stay left for 1.2 miles (my odometer) to doug's excellent ribbon on right side. stow pit must intersect 99 further south????????
3. we also had 1 LINCOLN'S SPARROW as well as 1 WHITE-CROWNED with the many golden-crowned and savannah.
Rich Armstrong
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  Here are better directions to the sparrow:

  Go south on 99W to Stow Pit Road. That road is several miles south of where Bruce Road intersects 99W.  Turn east on Stow Pit Road. Follow it to the intersection with Old River Road. From that intersection, continue southeast for 1.0 mile to a telephone pole with bushes and small trees at its base. I placed a piece of red and white striped flagging tape on one of the bushes next to the road.  If you get to the Ingram Island Roads, you have gone too far south.

  The sparrow was with a flock of Savannahs and Zonotrichia sparrows. I think this may be only the second Benton County record. One was at Finley in 2003, I think.

  Have fun

  On 11/16/07 10:49 AM, "rich armstrong" <richarmstrong at comcast.net> wrote:

    doug robinson just found a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW between bruce road and monroe
    his directions are from 99 south of bruce road 
        a. go left on old river road
        b. find the intersection of still pit road
        c. go 1 more mile to a telephone pole with a grassy strip
        d. he said he left a marker
    i am not sure if we can get there today????????
    Rich Armstrong

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