[birding] 6 White-tailed kites at Lincoln Prairie, Finley NWR

Steve Seibel steves at aeroexperiments.org
Tue Nov 13 22:36:41 PST 2007

Hi all-- this afternoon (Nov. 13) I saw several White-tailed kites  
from the Lincoln Prairie overlook at Finley NWR.  Watching for several  
hours, I generally had 2 to 4 to view at any given moment.  Then from  
3:59 to 4:02 PM I saw 5 flying west to a distant roost site, and then  
at 4:06 I saw one more flying west to a distant roost site.  So the  
total number of kites present was at least 6.  Sunset was 4:49.  This  
pattern of the kites flying together in a group, or nearly so, toward  
a distant roost site toward the west at about 45 to 50 minutes before  
sunset precisely matches what I observed at the same location back in  
2004 in late October and all of November.  Tomorrow I will find out if  
they are using the same roost as they were then (in the timbered hills  
about 1.5 miles west of the west edge of the refuge.)  For those  
curious about the total number of kites present near the Lincoln  
Prairie area on any given day, I would suggest making a check at the  
time of day described above and watching for the westward flight  
toward the roost, as most or all of the kites using the area may well  
show themselves at once at this time.  Happy birding!  Steve Seibel  
541-990-4633 (Corvallis)

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