[birding] Oregon Garden Birds, Marion County

Carl & Christine Schneider cncschneider at msn.com
Sun Nov 11 15:20:34 PST 2007

Hi Midvalleybirders,

I only birded the lower ponds today because of time constraints.  There were very few ducks at the ponds and only 2 AMERICAN WIGEON which are normally 50% of the ducks in the winter.

30 Canadian Goose

2 American Widgeon

8 Mallard

17 Green-winged Teal

7 Ring-necked Duck

3 Bufflehead

1 Great Blue Heron

12 American Coot

1 Northern Flicker

2 Stellar's Jay

1 Marsh Wren

1 Song Sparrow

3 Dark-eyed Junco

3 Red-winged Blackbird

1 Lesser Goldfinch

Matthew Schneider

Silverton, Oregon
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