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I drive by that JITB on my way to work in the morning and I have noticed
that the mallard population has increased compared to other years.  I
suspect one reason is one of the workers at Jack-in-th-box feeds them.  I
watched her one morning (while I was waiting for my breakfast!).  As urban
mallards and gulls have a similar pallet (if they can swallow it, its
edible), its not hard to see some industrious gull homing in on that savory
dining option.  Incidently, that little rainwater retention pond has hosted
a brood of mallards each of the last 3 years.



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November 5, 2007
Rich Armstrong posted about seeing a gull that was perhaps headed to oversee
fast food options.  
That very day, there was an indeterminate gull perched on a light pole by
Jack-In-The-Box.  That pole is also overlooking one of Corvallis' newest
wetlands, a concrete pond surrounded by a chain-link fence.
There are usually 50+ Mallards there and I even saw a Great Blue Heron once.
If the sun is out enough to cast a tree shadow, the birds seem to like to
congregate on the water where the shadow falls.  Maybe they don't like the
Carolyn Paynter
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