[birding] Shorebirds etc.

Jarod Jebousek jboosk at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 18 20:53:29 PDT 2007

Hi all:

I saw two black-bellied plovers out in Linn Co. today.  I also saw least 
sandpipers and quite a few streaked horned larks.  The location is on the 
north side of Diamond Hill Road about a mile east of I5.  Look for a 600 
acre field that has been burned.  It seems the post burn conditions have 
attracted every streaked horned lark for miles around.  This will be a good 
spot to keep an eye on in the future.  It has been enrolled in the NRCS' 
Wetland Reserve Program, which means it's perpetually protected and will be 
restored to native wildlife habitat.  We will be moving dirt over the next 
couple months so look for about 120 acres of wetland similar to the ones on 
Evergreen Mitigation Bank on Bellfountain Road.  It will be short and green 
like a grass field this winter, but more like a prairie in the future.  If 
you're planning on going out there, please don't drive down the gravel lane. 
  Also, if you keep going east on Diamond Hill Road, you'll see large 
patches of milkweed (Molly's favorite) along the road.  We have been seeing 
quite a few monarchs in the area.



We did a quick tour of Baskett after yesterday's shorebird message. To add 
to Carl's list, we saw:
A pair of BLACK NECKED STILTS with two juveniles
One adult WILSON'S PHALAROPE flying and one juvenile near the stilts and 
A spotted sandpiper
At least 125 LONG BILLED DOWITCHERS split up between Vancouver Marsh (east 
of largest marsh), and Taverner's Marsh (north of narrows).
Also in Taverner's marsh were a large flock of peeps (too far for me to ID!) 
The GREAT EGRET was south of the narrows in Cackler Marsh.
Looks like the move is on, thanks for the heads up, that was a treat to see!



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