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The Indigo Bunting is Still Singing at Baskett Sloughi inquired jordan's post of cassin's finch at cabell marsh - here is his response
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>From your reply, it seems a Cassin's Finch would be unusual there.  I'm no expert, so it's possible it might have been a Purple Finch, but I had it in my scope for several minutes while I carefully looked at my Sibley's and I'm pretty sure it was a male Cassin's Finch.  I saw it near the place where the trail along the marsh starts to curve.  The trail initially goes east along the north side of the marsh and there are clumps of trees near where the trail starts to curve to the south.  The bird was at the top of a snag about 200-300 yards south of the trail in a clump of trees.  I don't remember what kind of trees were nearby.  I first heard it singing and then concentrated my binos in that direction.  I hope this is helpful.  Let me know if you need more information.


Jordan Epstein



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did you really have a cassin's finch at cabell marsh???????????????

if so, please be more specific as to where relative to the trail around the lake.

Rich Armstrong

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  Hi All,

          Yesterday I had to make a trip to Eugene from Portland and birded my way back along Highway 99.  Incidentally, this is a beautiful way to see the Willamette Valley and avoid the freeway.  I birded Fern Ridge in mid-afternoon and saw nothing unusual, but did get a wonderful view of a young Green Heron and a young American Bittern.  Both were out in the open, displayed in one of those "frozen" poses.  From there I went to Finley NWR and explored Cabell Marsh, which I had never seen before.  It was relatively empty, but I did find a lovely singing Cassin's Finch.  Finally I went to Baskett Slough, to make my 4th (that's right) attempt to see the Indigo Bunting.  It was quite late, almost 9:00, and the light was fading fast.  I heard several buntings singing from different places, but didn't see anything.  All at once, I saw a bird fly from a cluster of large oaks into the small scrubby tree about 100 yards east of the trail.  And there it was!  At literally "last call", the Indigo Bunting sang for about four minutes, then abruptly flew back into the oak grove to the northwest.  If you haven't seen the bird, it's still worth trying as it's a beautiful young male, getting bluer all the time.

  Jordan Epstein

  Southwest Portland


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