[birding] Finley elk herd, bobcat, birds

Don Boucher bouchdon at peak.org
Sun Jul 8 20:24:21 PDT 2007

7-8-07 Finley NWR
>From Bruce Road, we walked along the west side of Muddy Creek northward in the ash forest following elk trails. We ended up in the midst of a herd of mothers and calves. We only got to see one cow and a calf but the animals were very vocal and heard them throughout the day. Our favorite was hearing the calves squeal and splash as they played in the creek.

In the lawn around the Bruce Road Barn, I spotted a bobcat briefly. As it dashed into the trees a scrub jay and a House Wren scolded the cat emphatically.

Yellow-breasted Chat (North of Bruce Road Barn) a Barn Owl in the barn (as seen from outside looking into the window), Wood Duck ducklings and their mommy (Muddy Creek), Great Egret (McFadden Marsh).

Don Boucher
Corvallis, OR
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