[birding] Dunawi Creek birds and beaver

Don Boucher bouchdon at peak.org
Sat Jul 7 21:10:53 PDT 2007


07/07/07 Dunawi Creek (a.k.a. Squaw Creek) near Nypro
We went to go setup our wildlife camera in hopes of getting a shot of the beaver who moved in this winter. The beaver has refurbished a ~3 year beaver old dam and lodge which has created some wetland areas which are attracting some birds. The population of dragonflies seems more numerous and diverse this year. There continues to be some native plants flourishing there, including Nelson's Checkermallow. We're not expecting much from the beaver cam if we get any shots we'll let you know. It has a motion sensor (PIR) but critters have to walk directly in front of the camera within a specific range for a shot to be taken.

Green Heron, Great Blue Heron, Spotted Sandpiper

Don Boucher
Corvallis, OR
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