[birding] Finley Horned Larks, flowers, berries

Don Boucher bouchdon at peak.org
Wed Jul 4 21:16:09 PDT 2007


7/4/07 Finley Nat'l Wildlife Refuge
Lisa and I hiked a few miles from the prairie overlook platform. We went eastward and then south and back north on westward route near Muddy Creek.

Best birds: Bald Eagle, Northern Harrier, Horned Larks (singing and breeding displays) and the expected but much enjoyed Lazuli Buntings and Western Meadowlarks.We found a dust bath area with Great Horned Owl feathers.

Wildflowers: Summer's Darling (Clarkia amoena), Willamette Valley Gumweed, Downingia (numerous in dried vernal pools), Brodaiea elegans

Others Plants: Trailing Dewberries (the native blackberry, delicious!), we tasted some kind of Ribes (currant or gooseberry) growing along Muddy Creek

Don Boucher
Corvallis, OR
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