[birding] Grasshopper Sparrow near Airlie, Willamette Valley

Joel Geier joel.geier at peak.org
Tue Jul 3 09:52:43 PDT 2007

[forwarded message from Bob Altman -- jg]

On 3 Jul 2007 Bob Altman wrote:

This morning I found a singing Grasshopper Sparrow on Maple Grove Road
near Airlie, north of Corvallis.  Traveling north on Airlie Road turn
left on Maple Grove Road and go maybe one mile to a driveway on the
right with the house number 16800.  Park there and the bird was singing
in the field to the NE of the driveway.  I heard a second bird faintly
in the back of the field to the north along with a Vesper Sparrow.
There also are Savannah Sparrows in the field.  A Yellow-breasted Chat
was singing in the brushy hills farther to the north.  Speaking of
chats….I had at least 8-9 places this morning where I heard them from
Tampico Road down maple Grove Road to Pedee and into Kings Valley.  All
were in cutover and regenerating dense brush/small tree habitat or in
young tree farms.

Bob Altman
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