[birding] Forgotten barn Swallow, pipits from Tuesday

Joel Geier jgeier at attglobal.net
Thu Oct 5 17:01:42 PDT 2006

Hello all,

I forgot to mention a late-ish BARN SWALLOW that Rich Armstrong spotted 
among the Violet-Greens, during the field trip to Vanderpool Tract (part 
of the proposed Luckiamute State Natural Area) on Tuesday, 3 Oct.

Also we saw & heard a few AMERICAN PIPITS in the more open, grassy 
areas. So they seem to be showing up on the valley floor now -- I would 
guess at widespread locations by now.

Also, I have made some references to nocturnal Swainson's Thrush 
migration but I realize that not everyone on this list has heard about 
this. We might be getting a little past the optimal period now, but I 
heard one two mornings ago so perhaps it is still possible to experience 

During September and sometimes into October, migrant flocks of this 
species can be heard overhead in the night time. The best time seems to 
be about a half hour before dawn, when (I guess) they are starting to 
drop down and look for a nice bush or tree to spend the day resting and 
feeding. The usual call heard in flight is a soft musical kind of note 
which I cannot describe very well. When they are coming in to land in a 
bush, they often give their more familiar "whit!" call, so sometimes you 
hear that right at dawn.

Happy birding,

Joel Geier
jgeier at attglobal.net

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