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Tue May 30 20:00:30 PDT 2006

Howdy all!

Early this a.m. (Tues., May 30th), I was standing on a stump to reach a bird/squirrel feeder attached to a tree
in my front yard, and a Bobcat jumped out of the brush and up a tree after a squirrel! The squirrel
jumped over to another Fir tree and escaped, so the Bobcat made his way back down, and off into the brush, just a 
few feet away from me! Every Crow in the area was squawking and harrassing it - as well as the other squirrels barking
and every bird around taking cover!  Whew - took me awhile to slow my heart down and get my jaw back to it's normal place!
What a way to start the day!  I'm thinking some of the leftovers of Band Tailed Pigeon feathers I've seen, may be due to Bobcat presence, and not just Hawks! I've caught glimpses of a bobcat from time to time around here, but NOT up this close and personal!

I live on the edge of a mixed forest in NW Corvallis (Skyline West) - you'd think it was REAL wilderness! If you have a small dog (or child) and you walk the upper NW trails of Walnut Park (MLK Jr. Park, now) - keep it  in sight, and on a leash!

Glad I'm not a squirrel,
Chris Miller
mcmillerz at comcast.net

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