[birding] MCFadden Marsh Bitterns

Donald A Boucher bouchdon at juno.com
Sat May 27 17:03:47 PDT 2006


5/27/06 Finley, McFadden Marsh
Lisa and I led a wildflower walk and about 15 people showed in spite of
the rain. We saw 3 American Bitterns and one called. Plenty of Soras and
Virginia Rails. Our wildflower destination was the Willamette Floodplain
National Natural Landmark to a meadow located just northeast of the marsh
complex. There were several Lazuli Buntings.

The wildflowers were great and I won't list them all here. Most numerous
were Rose Checkermallow, Popcorn Flower and Slender Cinquefoil.

Tomorrow (Sunday) it's Bicycle Birding at EE Wilson. See you at 9am at
the pheasant cage parking lot.

Don Boucher
Corvallis, OR

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