[birding] Only left with feathers!

mcmillerz at comcast.net mcmillerz at comcast.net
Mon May 15 19:12:14 PDT 2006

Sunday, I was cleaning up yard debris, that included a number of what I'm pretty sure were Band-Tailed Pigeon feathers (no other remains), and a Coopers Hawk flew right over my head - geez these guys are arrogant! 

While I was in Newport Beach, California, a week ago for a wedding, we found time to investigate the Newport Back Bay Ecological Preserve.  Of the three endangered birds of that area - we saw two - Least Tern, and Savannah Sparrow.
Also Great Egrets, Lesser Egrets, 2 Royal Terns, and a coyote skeleton! We looked long and hard for the endangered Clapper Rail, but no luck.  It was a great area anyway with lots of interesting native plants, trails and hummingbirds galore!

Chris Miller
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