[birding] roadside eagle

Steve Seibel steve at aeroexperiments.org
Wed May 10 10:03:39 PDT 2006

A 4th-year (probably) Bald Eagle was perched at Columbus and 34 intersection
today, in a treetop right behind the farmhouse on the south side of 34 (this is
just a bit west of I-5), watching the morning rush hour traffic go by.  I've
been flying with eagles at Cape Lookout lately.  Jim Norton, you should share
the Blue Grouse story / photos soon -- not a local event but I've never seen a
wild bird approach a human so closely in this manner, I'm not sure if it viewed
us as rivals or potential mates... !  I snapped a picture of it standing on a
hang gliding harness, ready to suit up and fly...  Steve Seibel


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