[birding] Peavy Orioles

Donald A Boucher bouchdon at juno.com
Sat May 6 18:53:43 PDT 2006


Lisa Millbank, Stephanie Haines and I birded Peavy Arboretum today. We
encountered at least 5 Bullock's Orioles, passing through on migration I

Other birds: Sharp-shinned Hawk, Woodpeckers (Pileated, Flicker, Hairy,
Downy, R-breasted Sapsucker) P-s Flycatcher, Cassin's & Hutton's Vireo,
Warblers (Black-throated Gray, Orange-crowned, Hermit, MacGillivray's,
Wilson's) W Bluebird (clearcut area), G-crowned Kinglet, House Wren,
Brown Creeper, W Tanager, White-crowned Sparrow, G-crowned Sparrow,
Brown-headed Cowbird (many)

Flase Lily of the Valley (Cronemiller Lake), Hound's Tongue (clearcut
area), Western and Pacific Waterleaf (Cronemiller Lake, Western is
uncommon), Cat's Ears (Mariposa Lily) Pacific Dogwood, Tough-leaved Iris
(Iris tenax).

Don Boucher

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