[birding] 200 swifts etc

Steve Seibel steve at aeroexperiments.org
Sat May 6 00:10:24 PDT 2006

On Wednesday May 5 after sunset I was eating dinner on the roof of the pizza
place downtown and saw 200+ Vaux's Swifts-- they briefly formed a tight
circular pattern, then dispersed again into a more open group.  I haven't been
frequenting downtown Corvallis on a consistent basis in the evenings so I don't
know if that sort of gathering is happening most every night, or not.  I saw
quite a few swifts out during the day on the 6th and 7th also.

On Thursday May 7, Willamette Park on the river in Corvallis was a good vantage
point to watch 15 Turkey vultures on the other side of the river walk around on
the beach and on a driftwood pile, spreading their wings to warm in the sun,
before taking wing on the first morning updrafts.   Also 4 Osprey flying over. 
Also an immature Bald Eagle.  Also a lot of VG swallows flying about.  Also the
Green Herons up to their usual spring activities, flying from the trees out to
the river, and back, and sounding their distinctive calls, presumably they are
nesting in the trees at the south portion of the park again.

Every few days I spot a Bald Eagle, usually an adult, soaring right over town
(south Corvallis).  That's about it for now -- I'll be checking out that
Butterfield Marsh on my next visit to Willamette Park


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