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i botched the message below - it should have said jackson frazier wetlands (not e e wilson). sorry if i confused you.
Rich Armstrong
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  1. i had seen shore birds waaaaaaaaaay across the marsh a couple times, and paula told me she had as well.
  2. so today i put on the knee boots and trudged out into the marsh. it is not a bad walk at all probably never sinking in more than 2 inches.
  3. i did find 1 solitary sandpiper (and he was by himself) and about 25 least sandpipers. there is a lot of mud, muck, and excellent places for shorebirds out there in my opinion.
  4. i did flush 3 snipe, but not 1 rail (virginia or sora). 
  5. i also flushed probably 15 savannah sparrows.
  Rich Armstrong
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