[birding] E.E. Wilson shorebird news

Joel Geier jgeier at attglobal.net
Fri May 5 05:22:21 PDT 2006

Hello all,

In a note yesterday, E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area manager Ray Fiori 
mentioned some shorebirds he has been seeing around the wildlife area in 
recent days while out doing invasive weed control:

 > I have actually been seeing shorebirds everywhere out here and I think
 > I saw 2 least sandpipers in one of the wetlands we disked just N of
 > the viewing blind on the S side.  also saw several pectoral and
 > solitary sandpipers out spraying, mainly below the oak grove and by
 > office pond, and where the handicap duck blind is on n. side.

The "pond below the oak grove" he mentions is in the south end of the 
refuge (same place where I mentioned the Lesser Yellowlegs and mystery 
plover seen with the SAS people last month), and has been one of the 
better spots for  Solitary Sandpipers in recent years. It is reached by 
walking down the hill from the Frontage Rd. entrance and then a short 
jog north, then east along a grassy dike.


Joel Geier
jgeier at attglobal.net

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