[birding] no dove at Oak Creek

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Thu May 4 18:41:39 PDT 2006

1. nanette, paula, marcia, mary, vic, and i also went by the house below 
this morning.
2. we did not see the dove and the picture they took is not conclusive, at 
least to us.
3. they have a wonderful yard including
    a. nashville, wilson's, orange-crowned, and common yellowthroat
    b. warbling vireos
    c. posing male rufous hummingbird
    d. black-headed grosbeak at feeder
Rich Armstrong
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> Hello All,
> Bill Proebsting called late yesterday afternoon to report an unusual dove 
> which visited earlier in the afternoon, along Oak Creek w. of Corvallis.
> The undertail coverts suggest Ringed Turtle Dove (a cage bird which 
> sometimes escapes).
> However it still might possibly turn out to be a Eurasian Collared Dove, 
> an introduced and naturalized species which has been expanding its range 
> in the western U.S. and has shown up in various parts of Oregon. So this 
> is a "heads-up."
> Also, Dee Lytle sent me a couple of hummingbird photos which Mike 
> Patterson ID'd as a hatch-year (juvenile) female Anna's Hummingbird. So 
> the kids seem to be out of the nest.
> This one could possibly have passed for a female Black-chinned at first 
> glance (which would be a fun migrant for our area, not totally 
> unreasonable since they sometimes show up in Lane Co.). However it was 
> noticeably large relative to Rufous Hummingbird, and also Mike pointed out 
> that the primaries have a different shape.
> Happy birding,
> Joel
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