[birding] fort hoskins

rich armstrong richarmstrong5 at msn.com
Thu May 4 18:38:23 PDT 2006

1. nanette, paula, marcia, mary, vic, and i birded fort hoskins this morning.
2. we saw
    a. a lot of western tanagers
    b. tons of white-crowned and golden-crowned sparrows and yellow-rumps
    c. couple purple finches singing and quite a few american goldfinches
    d. a couple warbling vireos and 1 cassin's vireo
    e. warblers - 1 hermit, 2 townsend's, lots of orange crowned, heard a couple black-throated grays, 
    f. 1 pileated woodpecker
    g. chestnut backed chickadees excavating a nest hole
    h. zero flycatchers
3. it is a very nice hike with variety of open and forest
Rich Armstrong
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