[birding] Yellow headed blackbird in S Corvallis

Molly Monroe monroemolly at hotmail.com
Thu May 4 11:36:18 PDT 2006

My nieghbor called once again with another rarity (she alerted us about the 
caracara), this time in her back yard~ A yellow headed blackbird was on the 
ground under her feeder and then flew over my yard headed south toward 
Butterfield wetland! I'll look for it today when we go for our walk, neat to 
add that one to the yard list... yesterday, the green heron flushed up into 
a cottonwood when we walked by, there are more people and dogs walking 
around the path these days, so he may be spooking easier now but is still 
hanging out. Had our first evening grosbeaks clean out the feeder yesterday 
and there are close to 50 goldfinches munching on our thistle! Hummers are 
fighting over the feeders and pulling nesting material off the ball of wool 
I got at Wild Birds. We are all loving the sunshine....

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