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Tue May 2 13:56:56 PDT 2006

paula vanderhuel, marcia cutler, mary gerard, vic russell, nanette & i did lewisburg saddle and elliott circle area this morning.
1st walked west from lewisburg saddle
1. although quite a few orange-crowned and wilson warblers singing we saw only a couple. probably had a couple nashville, but nobody got good looks. maybe heard a black-throated gray and maybe a hermit, but nobody saw these at all.
2. only vireos were hutton's.
3. heard 1 flycatcher - paula said it was pacific slope. it seemed very close but never saw it.
4. couple cooperative birds - band-tailed pigeons, sharp-shinned and cooper's hawks, red-breasted nuthatches going in presumably their nest hole.
then looked for western kingbirds at traditional north end of elliott circle spot - none.
then elliott sewage ponds
1. only 2 bufflehead, 2 green-winged teal, and 2 shovelers.
2. lots of wood ducks and mallards.
3. many cliff swallow active nests
4. normal house finches and california quail.
Rich Armstrong
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