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J. Simmons woodpecker97330 at yahoo.com
Mon May 1 20:40:24 PDT 2006


Pileated woodpeckers excavate rectangular holes (well, with slightly
curved corners, of course!).  If they're doing so on your firs, I'd
guess there's probably a food source they are getting to under the
bark or deeper.


--- mcmillerz at comcast.net wrote:

> Hi all,
> The Band-Tailed Pigeons have brought lots more friends to my
> feeders. Up to about two dozen of them now! Had to get more
> cracked-corn!
> Finally got a glimpse of the pair (I assume) of Pileated
> Woodpeckers that have been knocking and squawking in the forest
> behind me.
> Had about a dozen Golden-Crowned Sparrows in the brush and on the
> ground below one of my feeders today. I noticed Jim posted a lovely
> picture of one on the website - not mine, but great pic'.
> The resident Towhees seemed annoyed by the presence of the GC
> Sparrows!
> Had a group of Warblers pass over high overhead today - ID was
> impossible -
> recognized the sound.
> Black-Capped Chickadees seem to out number the CB Chicadees this
> year, they are constant visitors.
> Mike and I have been noticing some bare patches fairly high on the
> fir trees at the edge of our yard and forest - bark removed in
> small rectangles - very precisely eaten or drilled, on healthy,
> mostly large firs. . . . any ideas? 
> Chris Miller
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