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rich armstrong richarmstrong5 at msn.com
Sat Jul 22 20:48:47 PDT 2006

1. nanette and i and paula vanderhuel zipped out to e e wilson at 330 in hopes of seeing purple martin that joel reported.
2,. we indeed saw a mixed flock of swallows soaring to the northwest of angler pond and there were 2 purple martins soaring higher than the barn and cliff swallows (probably tree and/or violet green as well but we concentrated on the martins).
3. we then took paula out to where the red-eyed vireo had been seen.
4. and paula found a red-eyed vireo. nanette was about 10 feet away and rushed to her side but never saw the bird. i rushed as well but never saw the bird. nanette and i stayed another hour cruising the area both on foot and bicycle, but never hear a vireo sound or saw anything.
5. there were many more lazuli buntings there than last week, but most of the birds were quiet in the 100 degree heat.
Rich Armstrong
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