[birding] Purple Martins at E.E. Wilson, Wilson's Warblers coming back into valley

Joel Geier jgeier at attglobal.net
Sat Jul 22 05:37:38 PDT 2006

Hello All,

I took a walk at E.E. Wilson this morning to take advantage of the break 
in the weather. The birds were very active through late morning 
(probably just as glad for the clouds as us).

The most notable birds were (at least) two Purple Martins foraging with 
a mixed swallow group over an irrigation rig that was running in the 
mint field just east of the "red-eyed vireo spot." They interacted in 
flight; possibly an adult giving a handout to a fledgling.

I saw a Wilson's Warbler at the same spot, which was my second of the 
day. One came down off the ridge to a sprinkler which was set up to 
dribble water to a willow sapling on the slope in our back yard. So I 
guess they are starting to drift into the valley after breeding, as 
usual for mid/late summer.

Happy birding,

Joel Geier
jgeier at attglobal.net

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