[birding] macguillevray's

rich armstrong richarmstrong5 at msn.com
Wed Jul 19 10:48:15 PDT 2006

1. nanette, marcia cutler, and i found 3 macguillevray's warbler's near wren about 3 miles south of rt 20 this morning. so i won't be bugging all of you about that anymore.
2. we also did bezell's park and had about 8 black-throated gray warblers and 2 hermit warblers. also many western tanagers, a few black-headed grosbeaks, a few wilson's warblers, a few chestnut-backed chickadees, and 1 pacific-sloped flycatcher among the regular swainson's thrushes, towhees, and pewees.
Rich Armstrong
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