[birding] 3 White Pelicans at Basket Slough

Steve Seibel steve at aeroexperiments.org
Tue Jul 18 09:53:28 PDT 2006

July 18 2006:

I spotted 3 White Pelicans at Basket Slough early this
morning, also a Bald Eagle, and various waterfowl.  The
Cliff Swallows have totally taken over the gazebo
there--dozens and dozens are nesting there and the floor is
covered with there droppings.

PS Barn Swallows were nesting at the blind at Finley refuge
a few weeks ago, I haven't been back since to see the
status of the young.

A Peregine falcon flew over me yestersday evening near Cape
Lookout, and I also spotted 2 Peregrine falcons yesterday
harrassing something in the trees north of the dune at Cape
Kiwanda state park near Pacific City.

Steve Seibel
visit www.aeroexperiments.org

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