[birding] murrelets???

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I've been intrigued by the idea of seeing Murrelets in Benton for
years and I know there are some (previous?) county listers who have
done so.  And I was once even told where to go to listen, but I don't
think I still have that info and the trees may not still be there
anyway.  Making the effort to be there (Lobster Valley area?  Far
southwest corner of Benton) at the appropriate hour hasn't fit into
my summer plans.  (Getting up once a year at 2:30 in mid-June for my
Breeding Bird Survey in the Coast Range already stretches my--and my


--- "Snetsinger, Thomas" <Thomas.Snetsinger at oregonstate.edu> wrote:

> Rich and all,
> I have tried unsuccessfully to find this species in Benton County,
> but I have little doubt that a few birds nest here. I have tried
> staking out some of the older stands in sw Benton County that have
> tributaries running into the Alsea River. It might be worthwhile
> camping out at some of the public campgrounds or boat ramps along
> the Alsea River west of Alsea, as I am sure this river drainage
> would be the primary navigational aid these birds would use working
> their way inland into Benton County. I would be eager to hear if
> others have heard/seen this bird in the county. If you are in a
> drainage that the birds are using their calls can be heard a quite
> a distance. I don't know (but I am curious) whether or not they
> call only when they are in the vicinity of the nest.
> Good birding,
> Tom Snetsinger
> thomas.snetsinger at oregonstate.edu
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> 1. i think i have been told that marbled murrelets actuallt nest in
> benton county - is this true?????????
> 2. if so, i would assume somebody would know where??????????
> 3. if so again, would it be possible to go to the tree area and
> hear them fly out toward sea probably super early in morning or
> maybe at dusk hearing them fly in?????????????
> 4. based on note below this might be a good time of the year to try
> this????????????
> 5. feel free to comment as i find this fascinating.
> Rich Armstrong
> 541-753-1978
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> Subject: [obol] Coastal Lincoln Co. sightings - 7/16
> Finally, if coastal visitors are interested in seeing MARBLED
> MURRELETS on their dawn flights to nesting areas, now is the time
> and Cape Perpetua Scenic area is the place.  All that is required
> is to haul oneself out of bed in time to be at the Cape Creek
> Campground by 5 AM.  Drive to the end of the campground road, park,
> get out of the car and look up at the sky.  (Even easier would be
> to camp there and go outside at first light.)  Murrelets can be
> seen flying above treetop level as they circle or commute between
> nest trees and ocean.  Yesterday the show began about 5:15 AM and
> was over by 6 AM.  We saw about 20 birds flying in ones and twos,
> though some may be have been seen multiple times as there was a lot
> of circling flight.  Despite quiet conditions we did not hear any
> vocalizations, which possibly indicates the nest trees are nearby.
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> Rebecca Cheek
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