[birding] Fern Ridge

Steve Seibel steve at aeroexperiments.org
Wed Jul 12 13:57:16 PDT 2006

On Saturday morning and Sunday morning both, I paddled a
kayak around the southwest corner of Fern Ridge resevoir. 
I enjoyed drifting through the Yellow-headed blackbird
colony and watching the many (100+) Grebe's (mostly
Western, some Clarks) that were diving in the open water or
slowly hunting through the reeds, and I also kept an eye on
the Osprey nest platform that was a bit crowded with 4
full-size-looking birds.  Good luck hunting the
Great-tailed Grackle!  Steve

Quoting rich armstrong <richarmstrong5 at msn.com>:

> 1. nanette, marcia cutler, and i are planning on heading
> to fern ridge friday morning about 730 to look for
> great-tailed grackle. we expect to be back by noon,
> probably not spending long at fern ridge (hopefully
> seeing grackle fast) and maybe stopping at finley a
> little.
> 2. i have a mini-van that seats 6 very comfortably and 7
> fairly comfortably.
> 3. if anyone is interested in going with us just email me
> or call me - we would be happy to help you look for a
> rare bird for oregon.
> Rich Armstrong
> 541-753-1978


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