[birding] R-e Vireo at E.E. Wilson

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1. i went out again this morning and did the area from about 7 am till 9 am. 
i covered on bicycle the 3 most easterly north south paved roads and many 
paths between them.
2. i found the red-eyed vireo about 8 and again about 9 both in same spot.
3. this spot was probably more northwest of other sightings based on how i 
read the posts. when you come to the beginning (west end) of the chain 
fence, go left/north on paved road (this is the next to last most east paved 
road). go almost all the way to the end. there are trees on both sides here 
and i put a little pile of sticks in middle of road where i had it briefly 
on both sides.
4. nanette had to take our son's friend to the airport so did not go with 
me. she will go with marcia cutler and maybe me (on bicycles) about 730 
tomorrow morning. if anyone would like to join them and help find the vireo 
and try to insure my marriage continues, call here to find out exactly when 
they will be going.
Rich Armstrong
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> Hello folks,
> This morning I found a COMMON NIGHTHAWK on a nest with one fat chick in 
> the area south of the Red-eyed Vireo spot. The adult flushed off the nest 
> as Heidi & I approached, and did a distraction display on the ground about 
> 5 m away. I took a very quick look at the nest from where we stood and saw 
> the chick (about the size and shape of a very fat toad, with some 
> pinfeathers starting to widen at the ends). Then we moved on quickly so 
> that the mom could get back to the nest.
> I assume Jamie Simmons and Joe Fontaine have already posted to the list 
> about the Red-eyed Vireo and our successful use of FRS technology 
> (Far-Range Shouting).
> Later on I spent some time listening and charting the vireo's territory, 
> which seems to be centered about 50-75 m straight north of the NE corner 
> of the mysterious chain-link fence compound, and consists of several 
> clumps of cottonwoods and medium-height trees. Where I saw it yesterday 
> seems to have been at the SE corner of its territory.
> Back at our place across the highway from E.E. Wilson, I heard our LAZULI 
> BUNTING pair making their sneezy little chip notes, then saw the female 
> fly into a blackberry bush where she was immediately greeted by the sound 
> of hungry nestlings. When the male then flew across the yard to forage on 
> a weedy patch, I could not help but think,
> "Bye baby buntings, papa's gone a-hunting ..."
> Cheers,
> Joel
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