[birding] Nighthawk cherub & R-e Vireo at E.E. Wilson, baby buntings at home

Joel Geier jgeier at attglobal.net
Mon Jul 10 12:49:15 PDT 2006

Hello folks,

This morning I found a COMMON NIGHTHAWK on a nest with one fat chick in 
the area south of the Red-eyed Vireo spot. The adult flushed off the 
nest as Heidi & I approached, and did a distraction display on the 
ground about 5 m away. I took a very quick look at the nest from where 
we stood and saw the chick (about the size and shape of a very fat toad, 
with some pinfeathers starting to widen at the ends). Then we moved on 
quickly so that the mom could get back to the nest.

I assume Jamie Simmons and Joe Fontaine have already posted to the list 
about the Red-eyed Vireo and our successful use of FRS technology 
(Far-Range Shouting).

Later on I spent some time listening and charting the vireo's territory, 
which seems to be centered about 50-75 m straight north of the NE corner 
of the mysterious chain-link fence compound, and consists of several 
clumps of cottonwoods and medium-height trees. Where I saw it yesterday 
seems to have been at the SE corner of its territory.

Back at our place across the highway from E.E. Wilson, I heard our 
LAZULI BUNTING pair making their sneezy little chip notes, then saw the 
female fly into a blackberry bush where she was immediately greeted by 
the sound of hungry nestlings. When the male then flew across the yard 
to forage on a weedy patch, I could not help but think,

"Bye baby buntings, papa's gone a-hunting ..."


Joel Geier
jgeier at attglobal.net

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