[birding] Gyrfalcon and Prairie Falcon continue

J. Simmons woodpecker97330 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 22 19:06:17 PST 2006

Rich Hoyer sent the following to obol.

Jamie Simmons

Subject: Benton County Gyrfalcon and Prairie Falcon continue
From: Richard Hoyer <calliope AT theriver.com>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 17:02:12 -0800

Friday, December 22

Dear Birders,

First of all, anyone who really cared or who really paid attention to

my post from last night probably figured out that I didn't mean 
"yesterday" but rather "the day before yesterday." The Corvallis CBC 
was held on Tuesday, Dec. 19.

This afternoon at about 3:40 Jamie and I saw the GYRFALCON on Decker 
Road 4 poles west of Bellfountain Road. When it flew off, it headed 
WSW, and I watched it through my scope until it was a speck and 
disappeared behind the hills. I presume it was going to an evening 
roost rather than heading for Waldport. It's interesting to note that

its entire left side is paler than the right, the dorsal surface of
left side of the back and the left wing coverts specked heavily with 
white. It also has an extra white spot on the left side of the head. 
The rest of the bird is pretty pale gray, and a great distance (like 
two miles) the whole bird looks almost white.

Then at about 4:15 we were watching the PRAIRIE FALCON at the Dorr
spot off of Smith Loop Road SE of the Corvallis Airport. From the E
of the first straight stretch of Dorr Road, look N along the line of 
power poles which eventually end in a field. Just beyond the last
that is in line with the others is a smallish deciduous tree, on its 
own, and this is where the bird was on Tuesday as well as this 

Good Birding,

Richard C. Hoyer
Tucson, AZ

Senior Field Leader, WINGS, Inc.

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