[birding] ruddy duck

rich armstrong richarmstrong at comcast.net
Wed Dec 20 16:27:45 PST 2006

paula, nanette, and i zipped out to e e wilson to scope canal pond. we found 
4 ring-necked ducks and 1 grungy looking ruddy duck. it did have a dark 
stripe down the neck, but the duck we saw was definitely just a ruddy.
Rich Armstrong
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> Hi folks,
> Some one might want to check this out. I had distant binocular views of
> one puzzling, grungy duck on the far side of the Canal Pond at E.E.
> Wilson today. I was ready to write it off as a female Ruddy Duck but it
> seemed sort of long-necked and too grungy, with a dark stripe down the
> back of the neck (almost like a grebe). Also it never raised its tail. I
> just took a look at Sibley now and am thinking about Black Scoter
> female. I have to go to a meeting now so won't get out there again until
> tomorrow morning.
> Joel
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