[birding] Blow-ins - more info

rich armstrong richarmstrong at comcast.net
Fri Dec 15 15:49:26 PST 2006

in addition to the sewage ponds we did do what jamie suggested.
1. the flooded fields south of philomath ponds still had the 4 goldeneyes 
and some shovelers.
2. the flooded fields off pettibone had some geese and mallards and 
3. we didn't make it to finley area - we were hoping some others might.
Rich Armstrong
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> More info on past blow-ins of red phalaropes:
> While they can occur on sewage ponds, they also may be found in large
> puddles in fields, etc.
> And at least many of them tend to stick around until they are, gulp,
> eaten by predators.  (This is evidenced by small piles of
> light-colored feathers.)
> Given that no one has reported any yet on obol, it's possible
> conditions weren't right with this storm.  Whatever right is.
> Jamie
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